Bus Advertising Media

Because buses are so prevalent, bus advertising produces amazing effects. Bus advertisements are frequently utilised in different advertising formats to target viewers in busy urban locations.

Out Of Home Intentional has the potential to obtain maximum exposure by employing buses as a standalone format or as part of a mixed media campaign because it has access to every bus route, throughout every town and city in the UK.

Out Of Home International can offer you a budget-friendly campaign and save money from being wasted by placing bus advertisements on certain routes and in designated geographic areas.

Buses are noticeable and a mobile format for your campaign; they will transport your advertisements to areas where other forms of advertising can’t. They cover a lot of ground and make sure that everyone can see them, including drivers, pedestrians, and bystanders.

How Effective is Bus Advertising?

Scale: Over the course of the last week, 30 million individuals have viewed advertisements on buses.
73% of London commuters actually prefer buses with advertising, which is welcomed.

Response: 80% of customers have reacted to a bus advertisement.

Memorable – In London, the number of people who can spontaneously recall bus advertisements has increased from 86% to 91%.

65% of ABC1 adults, who make up the target population, have reported seeing bus advertisements recently. Furthermore, in London, that percentage rises to 74%.

Why Advertise on Buses?

The majority of people in the UK live 5 minutes or less from a bus route. Buses operate between 10 and 18 hours per day, up to seven days per week, therefore your advertisements will be seen by customers throughout that period. They can provide you with comprehensive coverage of your main area. Your target audience will have numerous opportunities to notice your message when you advertise on buses.

Out Of Home International provides all the expertise and resources necessary to make sure that your bus campaign is carried out in the most effective way possible. We have access to more than 97% of the buses run by more than 200 different bus companies in the UK, including those that advertise on buses in London and other significant UK cities, towns, and villages.

In order to ensure that your advertising journey will be as noticeable as possible, we collaborate with well-known names like Arriva Buses, Go-Ahead Group, First Group, National Express, and the Stagecoach Group in addition to hundreds of independent businesses that offer difficult-to-reach routes.

When it comes to bus advertising, Out Of Home International is a trusted partner to many leading companies and local authorities thanks to market-beating rates and the capacity to carry out campaigns with just a few days’ notice.

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The most premium standard bus advertising product that is instantly recognisable on the high street, allowing you more creative space with the T shaped format.

Super Sides

This double deck bus product reaches above the busy high street to demand pedestrians attention and reach consumers on the move.


The community notice board, the streetliners on single decks can be used to reach local, regional, national audiences.

Bus Rears & Bus Backs

Target passengers and motorists directly giving advertisers an opportunity to target the public when they have time to read and absorb a message.

Mega rear

Available on single and double decks, this product gives advertisers the space to create high impact campaigns with extended dwell time.


Use these bus interior panels to target millions of passengers every day with extended dwell time.

Full wrapped

Create a high impact moving message with the most premium bus advertising product.

Route master

The New Route Master also known as NBFL (new bus for London) allows advertisers to ensure that their message is always Street side by giving you both sides of the iconic London bus. The only opportunity to target two key central London routes on the original iconic London bus. Limited space available.