Billboard Advertising

Out of Home International offers companies the opportunity to advertise on billboards, but with unique dedication.

Billboard advertising is available in a wide variety of sizes and locations, in both traditional and digital formats. It’s used by brands and businesses to display a stand out promotional message in busy urban environments with high footfall.

There are a variety of formats of billboard advertising, available to marketers and on top of the formats, there are thousands of locations and hundreds of media owners to choose from.

Many marketers know where they want to advertise on a billboard, but with the sheer amount of media owners and billboards across the UK, it’s a time consuming task. At  Out of Home International, we’ll save you time and money and ensure you get a strategic billboard advertising campaign where and when you want it.

Why Advertise on Billboards?

  • Out of Home advertising reaches 98% of the UK population at least once a week.
  • As an independent supplier of the whole of the UK’s billboard advertising space, our inventory is not limited to one media owner and offers advertisers a unique opportunity to run a billboard campaign.
  • We can target your campaign on the best quality footfall sites the UK has to offer, whether it’s a small local campaign or a national super backlit premium site.
  • Academic studies suggest people on the move are in an active mind-set which is valuable in retaining brand messages.

OOH International experts ensure your billboard advertising campaign will reach you perfect target audience. Discover more about Targeted advertising or simply fill out our contact form and will be in-touch to help you plan your outdoor campaign.