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Taxi Advertising

Taxi Cab advertising utilises one of the most recognisable and iconic advertising formats available, the London Black Taxi Cab.

This makes it one of the most visually impressive ways to communicate with your audience on street level as they dominate the inner city roads and urban areas, transporting your message across on of the most visited cities in the world and into the minds of the international consumer. ?

The London Black cab offers the ability for brands to influence a consumer in a thorough, trustworthy and hugely recognisable advertising format. Spending over 95% of their time in the city centre they target mass volumes of consumers with exterior branding whilst getting up close and personal with valuable ABC1 audiences inside the cab via the Tip seats or even Digital screens – over 80% of this group can instantly recognise a brand that they have witnessed using taxi advertising. Drive your brand directly into the hands of director level audiences using branded receipt pads and tickets.

Taxis also offer far more than just advertising…they are an invaluable PR tool for increasing brand awareness. They can turn up at concerts, chauffeur VIP clients to your headquarters, attend the launch of restaurant, gatecrash sporting events and give out samples of your latest perfume or feature in many of the TV and news progarmmes recorded every day on the busy streets of london.

Why Advertise on Taxi Cabs

You can’t fail to notice a branded taxi in every city across the UK, no matter what your location is, with our bespoke campaigns you can narrow down your target locations; for example a campaign can be aimed at The city of London, Canary Wharf, Manchester Airport or Heathrow Airport, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh Airport offering total campaign flexibility paired with an unrivalled captivating ability means taxi advertising is a must for many if not all outdoor campaigns.