Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising utilises one of the most recognisable and iconic advertising formats available.

 Taxi Advertising transforms the iconic black cab into mobile billboards for the urban audience; offering your brand high levels of exposure in front of millions.

5 benefits of Taxi Advertising:
• It will target key locations for your brand and reach an audience of millions.
• It has unrivalled reach, targeting pedestrians and motorists on the move.
• It’s an unbeatable form of mobile advertising, beating the odds against static formats.
• It drives instant purchases & launches PR campaigns.

  • Offers high visibility campaigns in the UK’s busiest city centres & urban areas.

Out of Home International proudly gives your business the power to influence commuters, pedestrians, motorists and tourists from around the whole of London and the rest of the UK, with cost-effective and creative advertising campaigns which are guaranteed to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Got a question about taxi advertising? Looking to get your campaign up and running on the streets of the UK? Simply fill in our online contact form to get in touch with our friendly team of taxi ad experts, or give us a call to speak to us directly!

Why Advertise on Taxi Cabs

You can’t fail to notice a branded taxi in every city across the UK, and with our bespoke campaigns you can narrow down your target locations.

Out of Home International offer total campaign flexibility paired with an unrivalled captivating ability means taxi advertising is a must for many if not all outdoor campaigns.