Out of Home International

Bus Advertising

Buses are everywhere in our cities and it is this reason that bus advertising offers fantastic results when planned and executed in the right way. By placing bus ads on specific routes and targeted geographical areas you can ensure your campaign is targeted to be effective as possible. OOH International can assure you there will be no wastage of your campaign in areas you are not looking to target. More than half of the adult population have seen a bus advertisement in the last week and over 90% percent of the population live within 5 minutes of a bus route. Buses are unavoidable and are a high impact medium that deliver time and time again.

There are a multitude of different bus products and bus advertising formats on the market and these can be slightly confusing when you are trying to communicate to your exact audience, OOH International has all the knowledge and tools so we can ensure your bus campaign is being driven down the correct route.

OOH International have access to over 97% percent of bus advertising throughout the UK there are well over 50 different bus operators throughout the UK and we work with the different media owners to ensure your campaign gets driven down the right road.