Sports Sponsorship

Harness the power of sports advertising with Out of Home International, connecting your brand to dedicated and reliable audiences as they support their favourites.

A collective love of sport will allow viewers to receive and engage with your campaign, as your message fills their vision while they’re in an observant and receptive mind-set.

Sports advertising covers everything to the sports venues themselves, meaning that you can target fans as they enter and exit events in addition to perimeter advertising in the area of the venue.

Advertising at sports venues cements your brand in the spectator’s memory as part of the high-impact event experience, allowing your campaign to be easily recalled by your audience as they remember both celebrations and losses from the day.

Why sports sponsorships:

Out of Home International manage a range of outdoor advertising opportunities for sporting events, offering massive brand exposure, including the highly desirable format of LED perimeter boards, digital billboards, concourse television, billboards, lamppost banners and flags, wall wraps/media panels, restroom panels, car park kiosks and car park banners.

Out of Home International can also project your advert to audiences in locations external to the venue, such as roadside or railway advertising. Certain venues will allow campaigns to be tailored towards the demographic of each event, such as stadiums hosting both sports and musical performances. Additional reach can also be achieved by advertising at televised events, meaning that your brand could be seen by international and online audiences.

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