Madejski Stadium (Reading Football Club)

Reach the home of Reading Football Club and London Irish RFC with Out Of Home International, the outdoor advertising specialists, with advertising opportunities at Madejski Stadium.

Regularly holding capacity crowds of 24,197, Madejski Stadium is an ideal place to get your message across. While in the ground, these crowds are a captive audience, unable to change or switch off the adverts displayed. Not only is this crowd targetable when watching games, advertising outside the venue can also capture the attention of ticketholders and passersby on foot, in cars, taxis, buses and coaches.

Advertising formats at Madejski Stadium include Concourse TV, Perimeter Boards, Jumbo Screens, Restroom Panels, and Interactive Marketing and formats external to the stadium including 6 sheets, 48 sheets, and 96 sheet billboards, Bus Advertising and Mobile Advans outside the ground available to all advertisers.

Placing a message directly in front of an audience is the best way to publicise it, and adverts inside the Madejski Stadium are situated right in the eye-line of every seat in the venue.  Reading FC and London Irish RFC are both immensely popular – leverage that popularity and get into the hearts and minds of thousands of fans.

Madejski Stadium is just over two miles from Reading town centre, and the area is best known for its famous Reading Festival and being one of the UK’s top ten retail destinations. Advertising outside of and around Madejski Stadium allows you the opportunity to reach football fans travelling to the Stadium from Reading and further afield, and shoppers and event-seekers on non-match days.

Associate your brand with ‘The Royals’ and the exciting atmosphere at Madejski Stadium – advertise in and around the sports ground to become part of the fans’ memories.

Football ground advertising is a fantastic platform to drive key brand messages to the millions of football fans on site and watching at home on television.  Call us on 0845 120 2470 for your free Madejski Stadium advertising campaign plan.