St James’ Park (Newcastle United)

Millions of Newcastle United fans at home and abroad are waiting to see your message – deliver it by advertising at St. James’ Park with Out Of Home International.

St James’ Park is the oldest football stadium in the North East and holds an audience capacity of 52,405 –  these people could see your advertising while in the stadium watching Newcastle United play, and outdoor advertising targets their travel to and from the stadium whether via taxi, bus, car, Metro or on foot.

Advertising formats at St James’ Park include Concourse TV, Perimeter Boards, Jumbo Screens, Restroom Panels, and Interactive Marketing and formats external to the stadium including 6 sheets, 48 sheets, and 96 sheet billboards, Bus Advertising and Mobile Advans outside the ground available to all advertisers.

St James’ Park attracts a devoted following amongst the residents of Newcastle – a crowd who, once in the stadium, cannot switch off or otherwise ignore your message as it becomes a part of the game they’ve paid to see. Get associated with the incredible passion and atmosphere of football’s Premier League matches, broadcast globally across 212 territories to an audience of millions.

St James’ Park is located on the edge of Newcastle city centre bordering Leazes Park. Newcastle is an urban hub for dining, drinking, shopping and entertaining and, with outdoor advertising around St James’ Park, you can target audiences as they wait to enter the stadium or visit Newcastle on non-match days to shop, eat and drink.

Score advertising gold and reach a mass audience by associating your brand with The Magpies and advertising at St James’ Park.

Football ground advertising is a fantastic platform to drive key brand messages to the millions of football fans on site and watching at home on television.  Call us on 0845 120 2470 for your free St James’ Park advertising campaign plan.