Notts County – Meadow Lane

Reach fans of Notts County Football Club and advertise at Meadow Lane with outdoor advertising specialists Out of Home International

Meadow Lane holds an audience capacity of 20,229, who will be met with your unavoidable advertising message whilst attending Notts County Football Club matches and while travelling to and from the stadium on foot, in buses, on coaches, in taxis and in cars.

Advertising formats at Meadow Lane include Concourse TV, Perimeter Boards, Jumbo Screens, Restroom Panels, and Interactive Marketing and formats external to the stadium including 6 sheets, 48 sheets, and 96 sheet billboards, Bus Advertising and Mobile Advans outside the ground available to all advertisers.

Advertising in the interior of Meadow Lane reaches a captive audience who cannot help but see your advertising message as the advert is situated within the game in their eye line! Associate your brand with the exciting and emotional sport of football, and gain international exposure by being broadcast on television across 212 territories.

One mile from Nottingham train station, Meadow Lane lies on the bank of the River Trent on the opposite side to Nottingham Forest’s City Ground. Advertising outside of and around Meadow Lane allows you the opportunity to reach football fans, shoppers, tourists and residents of the area.

Score campaign recognition and associate your brand with The Magpies and the inspiring atmosphere at Meadow Lane and advertise in and around the sports ground to become part of the fans’ memories.

Football ground advertising is a fantastic platform to drive key brand messages to the millions of football fans on site and watching at home on television.

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