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World Parachuting Championships 2012 to be promoted with plenty of OOH

The Dubai Government is launching a multi format Outdoor Advertising campaign in London to promote the 2012 World Parachuting Championships, which for the first time will be held in Dubai, the capital of sports in the Middle East.WPC - Digital Billboard Advertising

Out of Home International are behind the media planning and buying of the campaign which is made up of traditional and digital formats. From 11th June 2012 the campaign will feature on London Bus Supersides on the ‘London Gold’ route covering 8 central London boroughs, on departure screens at Heathrow Airport, and the Twin Towers West, the iconic digital gateway to the UK’s Capital.

The high impact Outdoor Advertising campaign will run for six weeks to promote the FAI-World Parachuting Championships “Mondial 2012” running from 28th November to 9th December 2012. The campaign aims to encourage thrill seekers to register for the competition open to women men and juniors, or visit Dubai to watch the display. The Championship event comprises of six competitions in Free-fall Style & Accuracy landing, Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation, Artistic Events, Canopy Piloting, and Para Ski Demo Event.

Laura Rigby, Outdoor Consultant, recommended the digital campaign on Ocean’s ‘City Gateway’ site as it covers the major route to and from the world’s busiest international airport, Heathrow. “The eminent sites raised from the motorway are unavoidable for daily commuters and international audiences travelling between Heathrow and Central London. The large numbers of commuters taking this route are made up of our clients target audience of top professionals, educated metropolitans, and international travellers.”

The advertising will feature on light boxes in Heathrow’s Terminal 3, the second largest terminal in the Airport which is a hub for Emirates and other leading airlines with a focus on Asia and the Middle East. Terminal 3 holds Heathrow’s highest foreign leisure profile at 37% with 44% being AB consumers. Advertising in this location offers high dwell time to the Dubai Government’s target audience, a key location to showcase the advertising to influential and wealthy foreign visitors arriving into and departing from the UK.

The digital screens will be supported by traditional Outdoor Advertising on London Gold Route buses which will travel through the most affluent and highest retail spending boroughs in the capital (Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea) and will be seen on average over 5 times a day per person.

The creative work for the campaign was designed by the Higher Organising Committee of the Championships based in Dubai. The bright, colourful design shows the view which contestants the contestants will experience when travelling down to the famous Palm Jumeirah. The Logo for the Mondial skydiver with a parachute symbolising the flag of the United Arab Emirates, with its four colours green, white, black and red.

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