Out Of Home Advertising Updates

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Wirral Council encourages drivers to stay alert with Out Of Home International

Wirral Council have adopted the services of Out of Home International in order to implement a public initiative which encourages motorists to avoid driving whilst tired.

The campaign will be implemented through advertising on petrol station forecourts and pumps, specifically targeting road users for a total of four weeks.

The advert takes a direct approach to conveying its message, with the central, bold text ‘Don’t be an auto-pilot!’ creatively positioned to imitate the skid marks of last-minute braking. Above this, the statement ‘stay alert, save lives’ reminds drivers to consider the ultimate danger associated with a lack of automotive focus. The Wirral Council website and logo are located beneath the artwork, ensuring that onlookers can access additional, reliable information.

Wirral Council Petrol Pumps Campaign

Out of Home International have extensive experience within the outdoor advertising arena, allowing them to effectively oversee Wirral Council’s marketing strategy. The decision to advertise within petrol stations places the advert directly beneath the eyes of the target audience, maximising on the significant dwell time created by drivers as they re-fuel their vehicles.