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WhoScored.com joins Londoners in the pub with Out of Home International

Out of Home International and Table Talk Media are propelling football website WhoScored.com through London’s social communities, with a marketing campaign that employs the use of diverse outdoor media.

Using the format of beer mat advertising, WhoScored.com will cement their brand throughout the city thanks to the distribution of 50,000 printed coasters across 50 London pubs.

beer mat advertising

Four different creative executions compile the campaign artwork, using recognised footballer numbers across the face of the beer mat, such as Lampard and Berbatov, accompanied by the WhoScored.com logo. The rear of the mats present a list of informative statistics related to the featured player, such as ‘shots per game’ and ‘mins per goal’, again printing the WhoScored.com website.

Offering a comprehensive selection of football facts and figures, WhoScored.com supplies data for 10,000 teams participating in 500 tournaments across Europe. Delivering everything from detailed player rankings to live match scores, the website is the perfect accompaniment to the football season.

CEO of Out of Home International’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said:

By advertising their brand across beer mats, WhoScored.com will assert themselves at the heart of social football discussions as fans come together to watch matches with their fellow supporters. With several major football clubs located in London, the city is an ideal environment for showcasing WhoScored.com, also gaining access to the capital’s international visiting audiences.”    

WhoScored.com MD, Cris Acconci, said:

Promoting the WhoScored.com brand in pubs around London during football matches shows how excited and willing we are to engage with football fans and our users.”