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Warrington’s Abba Cars gain Coverage with Out of Home International

Out of Home International have conducted an outdoor advertising campaign for Warrington taxi firm Abba Cars, focusing on the format of 48 sheet billboards in order to attract both customers and drivers.

The brand will be magnified across the local area, with a 2-week presence commencing on the 26th August, followed by recurring activity through September, October, November and December.

Billboard Advertising - Abba Cars Campaign

The advert header asks the public if they ‘need a taxi?’, supported by a luminous yellow background and followed by the imposing image of an imitation license plate, which holds the memorable Abba Cars telephone number of 444444 and is preceded by the local 01925 area code. The lower third of the advert targets ‘new and existing drivers’, inviting them to join the Abba Cars driver academy by enticing them with ‘the busiest system’ and ‘the best incentives in town’.

Billboard advertising with Out of Home International is an effective solution for the
marketing objectives set by Abba Cars, with the dominating 48 sheet format blanketing all members of the public within the vicinity. Long-range visibility allows both road users and pedestrians to digest the advert, enabling Abba Cars to simultaneously reach their dual target audience of drivers and taxi-seeking members of the public.

CEO Lee Dentith said:

“It’s great to see local businesses embracing the world of outdoor advertising – Abba cars will certainly benefit from the striking 48 sheet billboard format, proving that out-of-home can be both an affordable and rewarding option for companies looking to target a refined area.”