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UK Fashion Events and Out Of Home International Organise Advertising Campaign For the National Gay Wedding Show

Working in conjunction with UK Fashion Events, Out Of Home International has implemented an outdoor advertising campaign in promotion of the National Gay Wedding Show at Liverpool’s BT Convention Centre. Scheduled for the 3rd March, the show will be preceded by a series of 48 sheet billboard adverts and lift escalator panels that will be located across Merseyside through February. The event has been constructed to cater for visitors of any sexuality, providing an accessible exhibition to literally any couple.  Over 200 exhibitors will be presenting their products and services through the venue in an unrestricted celebration of marriage, including free rainbow-coloured ice cream cones and a Champagne bar.


Two male wedding bands lie upon a glittering golden background, providing an elegant photographic backdrop for the advertisement. Adhering to a colour scheme of black and gold, the image is fronted by bold lettering that communicates all relevant event information. The lure of ‘Over 200 Exhibitors’ is attached across a corner by a luxurious band of text, and companies supporting the event are listed in logos across the bottom.

48 Sheet Billboard - National Gay Wedding Show

Co-ordinated by UK Fashion Events, the National Gay Wedding Show offers a multitude of advice and shopping options for prospective couples, complete with a dressing room and a free goodie bag. Conceived in support of sexual equality, the event has since received additional sustenance due to Parliament voting this week in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill that will now be passed to the House of Lords for further approval. With David Cameron revealing his desire to have the law passed by summer 2013, the National Gay Wedding Show has further reason to release its throng of exhibitors into the BT Convention Centre for couples of any gender combination.


The industry expertise delivered by Out Of Home International provides UK Fashion Events with the advantage of receiving a dedicated marketing solution, working to minimize advertising wastage by targeting only relevant audiences. Strategic geographical positioning of the campaign ensures that adverts will be accessible within the Liverpool area, adopting both outdoor and public transport sites in order to guarantee a high visual coverage.