Out Of Home Advertising Updates

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The Work Lounge connects to Letchworth with Out of Home International

Out of Home International will launch an advertising campaign for Bizspace to promote Letchworth’s new office alternative at The Work Lounge, designed for the likes of freelancers and small businesses. 4 sheet billboards will be present at Letchworth station from the 26th August, covering the footbridge and entrance for a total of 12 weeks.

Bizspace Billboard

Adhering to a contemporary purple and orange colour palette, the artwork displays a sample section of The Work Lounge, with a headline communicating the area as ‘a brilliant co-working space new to Letchworth’. The Bizspace logo rests at the base, along with a contact telephone number and address.


Fitted with high speed wi-fi and built to accommodate 50 workers, The Work Lounge is the ideal solution for those without the need for a contracted office space – such as home workers and business start-ups.


Through the invaluable medium of outdoor advertising, Bizspace are able to effectively refine their campaign to target relevant audiences, using widely accessed sites at Letchworth station. Just a ten minute walk from The Work Lounge, Letchworth station serves over 1.4 million annual passengers, allowing the 4 sheet billboards to offer high-frequency exposure across a local area.