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The Practice offers Relief to Tube Users

Out Of Home International have planned a campaign for The Practice Integrated Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre, promoting their special brand of sports therapy and Pilates to Tube users in Notting Hill and Ladbroke Grove.

Comprising an eye-catching 4 sheet billboard displayed for 4 weeks commencing 27th January 2014, the campaign hopes to persuade daily Tube users to seek blessed relief.

London Underground Billboard Advertising

The advert features some satisfied customers enjoying the benefits of massage therapy and the relaxing, strength building body conditioning of Pilates, with all the information needed in order to find and contact The Practice. An attractive image of The Practice’s interior will stand out in the dreary confines of the Tube, with prominent phone numbers, Web and email addresses inviting commuters to contact them immediately.

CEO of Out Of Home International’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentih, said

Advertising on the Tube reaches a guaranteed audience of commuters who spend all day at their desk – we hope this 4 sheet campaign will push The Practice forward, increasing awareness of their essential service to users of the London Underground who may desperately need it.”