Out Of Home Advertising Updates

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St Ives School for Girls Encourages Future Pupils

St Ives School for Girls are using outdoor advertising to attract pupils across their local area of Haslemere in Surrey. Coordinated by Out of Home International, the campaign will launch on the 13th January for a total of 20 weeks, aiming to establish a presence for the school amongst potential students.

billboard advertising campaigns

St Ives School for Girls will be promoted through 4 sheet billboards positioned at Haslemere train station, instantly projecting the school towards the public.


The creative features the image of a St Ives School for Girls student, overlain with the text ‘St Ives Girls are going places… with 100% entry to first choice of senior school’. A purple background occupies the lower half of the advert, filled with text endorsing the school and including an address, telephone number and website.


CEO of Out of Home International’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said:

By targeting the area’s main transport hub with 4 sheet billboards, St Ives School for Girls will reach the public on a high frequency basis. The accessible format will continue to promote the school throughout the key part of the year when decisions on where to study are being made.