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Signature Turn Waiting for the Bus into a Sign Language Lesson with Out of Home International

bus stop advertisingSignature – the UK’s leading awarding body for qualifications in deaf communication, has enlisted one of Media Agency Group’s specialist divisions to launch an engaging outdoor campaign in London.

Out of Home International has coordinated a six sheet billboard campaign for Signature, which will see interactive adverts featured at bus stops throughout London and Birmingham for two weeks. Making boring bus waiting a thing of the past.

The billboards will feature in high footfall locations across the capital including Camden High Street and Tottenham Court Road.

The blackboard-style design encourages audiences to use the free Blippar app on their Smartphone to ‘Blipp’ the poster and receive an augmented reality sign language lesson from the Signature teacher.

This unique and highly interactive format immediately grabs attention from location-specific audiences by advertising: “This isn’t any old bus stop… this is a sign language lesson”.
The advert encourages prolonged response and engagement with the campaign, by telling audiences to “Blipp again tomorrow” to receive another lesson.

The campaign, which will launch in conjunction with National Deaf Awareness Week (19 – 25 May), aims to generate awareness of British Sign Language (BSL), teach the general public basic skills to better communicate with deaf members of the community and to increase interest in learning BSL.

Signature, which also acts as a national deaf and deafblind charity, is working to foster a fully inclusive society in which deaf and hearing people have the same rights and means of access to communication methods.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Out of Home International’s parent company Media Agency Group, said:

“This engaging campaign is a great way to introduce people to Signature whilst also helping to raise awareness. Advertising on bus stops creates engagement with a captive audience who will have time not only to read and absorb the message, but also to effectively use the Blippar feature.”

Jade Wiseman, Marketing Co-ordinator at Signature said:

“Just want to say a BIG thank you for all your and the team at MAG’s work on this, we really appreciate it. This has been our first time advertising outdoors and it has been a pleasure working with you, you have made things very easy and have been extremely helpful. So thank you very much.”