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Settle My Debt Use Outdoor Campaign to Help Those Feeling the Squeeze

Dsettle my debt 4 sheet billboardebt settlement experts Settle My Debt have partnered with Out of Home International to launch a billboard advertising campaign targeting people wanting help with financial difficulties.

4 sheet billboards will feature at Ealing Broadway station for a total duration of eight weeks, during the months of June and July.

The adverts, titled “Feeling the squeeze”, capture the attention of the station’s audiences with a striking image of a man pressed against glass alongside a simple yet eye-catching colour palette.

Continuing to demand the attention of audiences, the adverts ask if they’ve heard of debt settlement, before clearly determining their ultimate objective: “Unlike our competitors, our only goal is to get you debt free.” A variety of questions within the advert ensures a range of audiences can associate with the campaign’s message.

The targeted campaign features website and telephone details to encourage consumers to find out more, as well as the option to text “Tube” to receive further information.

Settle my debt are one of the first organisations in the UK to broaden the number of debt services available to the credit consumer; offering debt settlement as a serious alternative to lengthy debt management plans.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Media Agency Group – Out of Home International’s parent company, said:

4 sheet advertising is a concise and effective way to target the busy general public as they pass through a station; targeting them individually as they look for distraction from their commute. This is a message that will resonate with many, and combined with such a bold design, the campaign is bound to capture the attention of a vast audience.”