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QuickQuid to promote its ‘10-Minute Money’ 24/7 loan service via ATM machines.

QuickQuid are encouraging consumers to experience responsible lending during the month of January with the use of digital ATM advertising. The proximity campaign has been devised by Out of Home International in the Carlton Central, Granada and Yorkshire regions. The advertisements aim to promote QuickQuid as market leaders offering a fast and secure service whilst holding high lending standards.

QuickQuid recognises the importance of the financial campaign, as following Christmas January exaggerates financial strain for many consumers and can promote excessive and irresponsible lending.

London based agency Ellisons first contacted Out of Home International in October 2011 on behalf of QuickQuid seeking an advertising solution to set the lender apart from their competitors. QuickQuid are now no strangers to Outdoor Advertising, Out Of Home International have planned and bought advertising in Belfast and Manchester using a variety of media formats including 6 sheets, Bus headliners and beer mats with promotional QR Codes.

Out of Home International created a schedule of Outdoor Advertising to see the company through to 2012 and recommended QuickQuids first digital offering in the form of ATM advertising. The digital update compliments the long running campaign, giving consumers further opportunity to see the advertising and offer code.

ATM advertising works in four stages, the animated attraction screen – ‘Bank Account Low? QuickQuid can help!’ the second in-transaction screen where more information can be given to the consumer whilst they await their cash, and the third screen with the final message and thank you from Quick Quid. At the end of the transaction the ATM user will receive a branded receipt offering a 25% discount for the consumer’s online application.

The dwell time at the cash point is high and gives the user the chance to take in all the details of the terms and Representative APR applied to the loan. ATM machines are the perfect Outdoor format for QuickQuid to offer their services, exactly when a consumer may realise they are short on cash after checking their bank balance.

Each cash machine is in proximity to QuickQuids 6 sheet advertising, bus fleets carrying the headliner advertising and bars using the Quick Quid beer mats. The tightly targeted campaign is running for four weeks from the 5th January 2012.Out Of Home International - QuickQuid - Roadside 6-Sheet Billboard

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Visit www.quickquid.co.uk for more information on their ‘10-Minute Money’ 24/7 loan service, regulated by the consumer finance association.