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Out Of Home International Uphold Partnership with Blue Insurances to Protect Car Hire Customers

Out of Home International has directed an outdoor advertising campaign for insurance firm Blue Insurances, promoting their automotive arm at carhireexcess.com. 6-sheet and backlit billboards will have a 4-week presence at Manchester, Gatwick and Stansted airports from the 22nd April, offering extensive coverage for the recently operational remedy for overpriced car hire excess fees. The campaign will re-emerge on the 17th June, securing necessary exposure over the holiday season.

CarHireExcess.com - 6-Sheet Billboard

An orange background supports the image of an animated vehicle, with several arrows indicating the potential pitfalls associated with car hire excess charges – such as lost keys and cracked windscreens. The company website is clearly visible, underscored by a contact telephone number. The affordable pricing offered by carhireexcess.com is presented above the image through the copy ‘cover the excess BEFORE YOU GO from only £1.99 per day’.


Carhireexcess.com is the trading name for a Blue Insurances subdivision, acting as an insurance intermediary by offering relief from excessive car hire surcharges. The service insures drivers between the ages of 21 and 84, covering up to £3500 of excess European costs or £4500 worldwide.


The dedicated outdoor knowledge offered by Out of Home International allows carhireexcess.com to receive a successful marketing solution, guaranteeing the fulfilment of an effective strategy. Having previously collaborated with Out of Home International, Blue Insurances have returned for the promotion of this additional buying arm, opting for airport advertising in order to efficiently cover their audience. By positioning the brand within key nationwide travel hubs during prime travel periods, the campaign is able to blanket an appropriate sector of the public and dominate the UK travelling community.