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Out Of Home International Targets The Capital For Caffe Nero

British coffee chain Caffè Nero has appointed the out of home media services of Out Of Home International for the application of a central London advertising campaign. On the 11th March, the heart of England’s capital will be bombarded with 6-sheet billboards for a period of two weeks, promoting the Italian-style coffee house to a fast-paced city of caffeine consumers.


A close-up shot of two espresso shots is the advertisement’s focal point, enticing London’s taste buds through the high photographic quality which allows viewers to see a lower layer of dark coffee topped with a haze of golden crema. The simple, white Caffè Nero trademark is positioned above the image, underscored by the word ‘espresso’ presented in a cursive font. A caption reads “Every award-winning coffee starts with a perfectly handcrafted espresso”. The advert anticipates that the strength of its rich visual content will act as a standalone device to attract custom, demonstrating a minimal approach which uses an image rather than words – which is ideal in the bustling environment of London.

6-sheet Billboard

Caffè Nero operates in excess of 600 shops run by over 4,000 members of staff – mainly in the UK, but also recently expanding into Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Poland. The stores serve a variety of hot and cold beverages, largely focusing on making “hand-crafted artisan coffee” publicly available, and also host a simple Mediterranean-style menu which satisfies breakfast, lunch and snack seekers.


The outdoor platform of London epitomises the perfect advertising audience for Caffè Nero, with limitless workaholics, shopaholics and socialites who constantly demand pit-stops, meeting places, business lunches and caffeine hits. A quick reminder of their coffee adoration is enough to guide central London’s community towards the chain. Out Of Home International is able to provide Caffè Nero with the necessary direction in terms of location and format, ensuring that an effective billboard advertising campaign is executed. The outdoor positioning of the billboards targets viewers whilst they are already in the appropriate environment, increasing the chances of tempting them into one of Caffè Nero’s London shops.