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Out Of Home International Promotes Michael Moore’s Latest Culinary Guide

English-born and Australia-based chef Michael Moore has created a follow-up to his 2012 diabetic cook book ‘Blood Sugar’, with a household edition entitled ‘Blood Sugar: The Family’.

New Holland Publishing have appointed Out Of Home International for the organisation of 4-sheet billboards on the London Underground, occupying entertainment-oriented positions through the tube network. Running for a two-week duration, the campaign will provide a sharp promotional burst in order to raise awareness of the book’s availability, using the high concentration of surrounding retail hubs to target commuters while they are in the correct mindset.

4 Sheet Billboard -  Blood Sugar The Family

The advert caters for the fast-paced London traveller, with an eye-catching purple background which sits beneath three lines of prominent, bold text that reads: ‘Book out now / Blood Sugar / The Family’. The book cover is printed below, with a brief explanation of its contents. Author Michael Moore receives representation from both uppercase black text and a photograph, guiding Londoners to ‘all good book shops’, where the book is available for £19.99.


Michael Moore’s international career has been active for almost three decades, providing the food industry with passion and vigour through his work as a chef, TV presenter and author. Having been diagnosed as a diabetic in the late 1990s, Moore possesses a long-lasting affiliation with nutrition, which was further refined when he suffered a major stroke in 2009. He actively strives to inform others of the importance of an educated diet, which led to the publication of ‘Blood Sugar’ two years later – a personal offering of balanced recipes to enrich the lives of diabetics. ‘Blood Sugar: The Family’ provides a subsequent insight into creative, healthy cuisine, allowing diabetics to cater for everyday eating which includes the whole family.


Having already worked with Out Of Home International, New Holland Publishing have returned in order to successfully promote Moore’s follow-up cookbook. Using their knowledge of outdoor media, Out Of Home International are able to provide an efficient and strategic marketing plan in order to access a relevant consumer base. The London Underground ‘Entertainment Pack’ exposes advertisers to key commuter passageways, such as the retail-oriented stations of Covent garden and Oxford Circus. Targeting passengers while they are focused on leisure will allow the advert to be processed at a time when they are in the correct mindset, planting the book’s title in their minds for future reference. With 150,000 people entering the tube network every hour, the London Underground is a significant platform upon which to promote ‘Blood Sugar: The Family’.