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Circle Partnership’s Latest Hospital promoted with a Multi-Format Campaign

Circle Campaign Tube BillboardOut Of Home International has been elected to front a recent marketing campaign for Circle Partnership, arranging advertising in Newbury, Henley, Reading and Maidenhead rail stations. Large-scale graphics will be periodically implemented across the various stations over two months, promoting the newly established CircleReading facility.

The Campaign

Positioned in a localised area, the campaign is crafted to target potential clients in the surrounding areas of CircleReading, logically utilising transport areas within popular nearby commuter destinations. Station banners feature bold, positive slogans which directly promote the company’s purpose and service, such as “One of the finest hospitals in Britain”; while subway vinyls elevate the brand further with their size and the use of multiple slogans, teamed with high-quality photographs of relaxing hospital images.

The campaign features entrance banners in Newbury and Henley stations, with ticket gateway advertising and vinyl walkway wraps at Maidenhead and Reading stations.

As an employee co-owned business, Circle Partnership is consequently run by its own doctors and nurses, meaning that it can confidently deliver outstanding care. Priding itself in patient dedication, Circle Partnership places its values in “clinical excellence, a healing environment and five-star hospitality”. Available to both private and NHS patients, CirclePartnership now has six national facilities, with their Bath and Reading hospitals being independent and architecturally astute new-build establishments. Their reputation even extends as far as employing a chef from a Michelin starred restaurant to prepare their locally-sourced and nutritional menus.

The decision to advertise with OOH International has allowed CirclePartnership to experience the full benefits of specialist outdoor advertising expertise, using multi-format options in order to successfully and efficiently secure necessary visual coverage. Out of home campaigns ensure that brands are kept in the forefront of the public eye, which is invaluable for essential services such as healthcare.