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Out Of Home International Promotes Bespoke Jewellery Designer Cassandra Goad

Out of Home International have planned an advertising campaign for bespoke jewellery designer Cassandra Goad, located in London’s luxury Chelsea district. 6-sheet billboards will generate brand awareness across the city, targeting London for 4 weeks commencing the 6th May.

Taking a minimal approach, the advert is largely comprised of a vast silver background directing attention towards the centrepiece of four individual rings. Beneath the jewellery is the Cassandra Goad name and logo, with each ring name (Iola, Duplus, Serpentine and Mia) printed in small, uppercase text in the bottom-right corner. ‘Diamond and sapphire rings’ is stated beneath the names, with further detail presenting the store address, telephone number and website.

Cassandra Goad 6 Sheet Billboard in London

In business since 1985, Cassandra Goad operates from her boutique location on Sloane Street, offering a delectable selection of original jewellery that fuses traditional and modern characteristics, with a particular penchant for unusual stones.

With clients including the Duchess of Cambridge, it is only fitting that Cassandra Goad presents an efficient campaign which targets a relevant audience. Leaders of the outdoor industry, Out of Home International have the experience to fulfil this objective, strategically planning an effective marketing strategy. The 6-sheet billboard format plants brands in significant prime locations, infiltrating the eyeline of pedestrians within an active retail environment.