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Out of Home International Promote Kirkby’s O2 Franchise Store

Out of Home International have been appointed as the organisers of an advertising campaign for Levine Retail, promoting their franchise of the mobile phone and broadband network O2. For 8 weeks, an outdoor banner will be displayed at Kirkby train station, securing a brand presence within a 5 minute walk of the store.

O2 - Kirkby - Outdoor banner

The banner uses a minimal approach in order to quickly project the familiar O2 branding on a high-impact level, forming a background from the company’s trademark shade of blue and overlaying bold white text that simply reads ‘O2 Kirkby’. The branch address and telephone number is positioned to the right hand side, with a small O2 logo in the bottom corner.


Fronted by managing director James Levine, Levine Retail run two of the 82, O2 franchises in addition to coordinating the O2 Open staff benefit scheme – covering prestigious corporations such as the BBC and Liverpool Football Club. Part of the multinational telecommunications company Telefónica, O2 is operational in over 25 countries, providing leading mobile and broadband services to everyone from individuals to large enterprises.


Kirkby train station functions predominantly as an interchange between the key locations of Liverpool and Manchester, meaning that it is subsequently traversed by a broad spectrum of city commuters and local residents. By positioning the advert in a rail environment, the marketing solution by Out of Home International will ensure that the store fortifies its location amongst a relevant audience, encouraging the public to use the branch rather than shopping online. 71% of those employed in managerial and professional occupations and 77% of those earning over £31,200 were found to be rail users in a 2012 Government study – a demographic which is the most likely to require mobile phone and broadband services.