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Out Of Home International Promote Fitness In London With Greenwich Leisure

Out of Home International have planned an outdoor marketing solution for charitable social enterprise Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), promoting their customer-facing brand Better.

For four weeks, the City of Westminster will see the presence of phonebox advertising in order to promote Better’s leisure facility Little Venice Sports Centre. Little Venice Sports Centre Phone Box

Introducing Better’s gym membership at ‘only £28.95 a month’, the advert uses photographic content depicting a male and female performing press-ups, reinforcing a fitness culture within the community. The facility’s address and website are included, along with a ‘Better’ logo and a City of Westminster stamp.

Out of Home International provide a team of dedicated specialists, ensuring that GLL can fully benefit from the industry experience required to execute a successful campaign. Phonebox advertising exhibits brands within a public social space, allowing high-frequency coverage of a specific location. By placing the advert ‘just two minutes’ from Little Venice Sports Centre, a relevant urban audience will be exposed to the publicity material.