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Out Of Home International Plan Billboard Advertising For New Rathbones Branch in Lymington

Investment management services provider Rathbones has selected Out of Home International to direct an advertising campaign at Brockenhurst Station in the South East county of Hampshire. For two weeks, 48-sheet billboards will be present in the village in order to promote the opening of a new Rathbones branch in the nearby coastal town of Lymington.

Rathbones - 48 Sheet - Lymington

The advert represents the new Rathbones location of Lymington through an overhead shot of a boat, linking with the town’s role as a port. The Rathbones logo features in the top corner, followed by small print which reads ‘Established 1742’. The brand also takes a bold central position across the boat’s white sail, with dark text which clearly reads ‘Rathbones opens in Lymington’. A telephone number and e-mail address accompanies the central text, allowing the public to obtain further information.


Rathbones operate 14 offices across the UK and Jersey, providing tailor-made investment management services for private clients, charities and professional advisers. Services include planning for school fees, portfolio management, retirement plans, services for solicitors and accountants and much more.


Out of Home International have thorough experience in the outdoor advertising industry, allowing them to provide Rathbones with an effective marketing solution which fulfils their requirements. Brockenhurst Station is part of the Lymington Branch Line, connecting Brockenhurst village with Lymington pier.

By targeting a neighbouring village, the advert will have a presence across both Brockenhurst and Lymington rail users. Brockenhurst Station also sees passengers travelling to key locations such as Bournemouth, London Waterloo, Manchester, Reading, Birmingham, Southampton and Poole, whereas the Lymington line only runs to and from Brockenhurst – which highlights the relevance of placing the billboard advert at Brockenhurst Station. Railway advertising also offers brands a high dwell time platform upon which to showcase their message, as passengers spend an average of 13 minutes on the station concourse.