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Out Of Home International Place 48-sheet Billboard Campaign For Swindon College

Out Of Home International have organised the implementation of 48 sheet billboards to promote an open evening for Swindon College. Scheduled for the 23rd January, the open evening will introduce new performing arts courses, and so an outdoor advertising campaign is in action to attract attention to prospective students. Located within the Swindon region, the geographical placement of the adverts will target a relevant audience in order to execute an effective marketing project.

 Swindon College 48 Sheet Billboard

Adopting a striking red background, the advert embraces the simple but effective method of bold, white lettering to clearly and quickly communicate vital information to passing viewers.  Incorporating the Swindon College logo, the visual impact of the advert’s design efficiently works within an outdoor environment, reaching everyone from strolling pedestrians to focused bus drivers and rapid cyclists.


Swindon College offers educational services to everyone over the age of 14 – covering A-Level study, adult courses, apprenticeships, higher education and business training. With industry-level facilities, the college exercises a large focus on vocational studies, and there is great importance instilled in the promotion of new performing arts courses for the upcoming academic year.


Outdoor advertising specialists Out Of Home International have the industry dexterity required to plan and construct successful out of home campaigns. From single format projects to multi-million pound campaigns, OOH International can purposefully fulfil any marketing objectives. Subsequently, Swindon College have the correct guidance to optimise their advertising approach, allowing them to avoid campaign wastage such as irrelevant geographical placement or unnecessary formats.