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Out Of Home International Organise Outdoor Campaign For MH Culture’s Peking Opera

Managed by Out Of Home International, MH Culture have scheduled an outdoor campaign in central London to advertise the 2013 Peking Opera UK Tour. Situated in Waterloo Station and Leicester Square, 12-Sheet billboards and lift escalator panels will target commuter hotspots with the Opera’s UK performance schedule.  Traversing theatres located in central locations of Holborn, North Greenwich and Covent Garden, and with additional dates in Guildford, the Peking Opera UK Tour offers a theatrical experience that communicates Chinese culture.

The advertisements feature the cultural fusion of a traditionally-clad Chinese performer superimposed on a photographic background of London’s Tower Bridge, representing the symbolic nature of Peking Opera, in which the performers use emblematic movement and colourful costumes to transfer meaning. Accompanying the graphic, the tour’s title is splashed across the top of the advert in a deep orange, followed by relevant event and location information, and finished off with an MH Culture logo and the web address at which to book tickets.


Bringing a piece of delicate Asian spirituality to England’s cosmopolitan capital, the 2013 Peking Opera UK Tour is performed by the Top Chinese Troupe and endorsed by UNESCO as the 2010 Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. With musical accompaniments by wind and percussion instruments exclusive to the folklore of China, the stereotypical Peking Opera stage remains sparsely adorned, focusing heavily on the vocal and acrobatic talents of the ensemble.


The appointment of OOH International allows MH Culture to maximise on effective marketing strategies, with beneficial access to industry knowledge and media planning skills. Geographically targeting central London, the outdoor advertisements will have a high-frequency impact on the myriad of commuters, visitors and residents passing through the two key locations of Waterloo Station and Leicester Square. As ticket prices range from £10 to £100 across venues, the campaign is relevant throughout the capital’s diverse public, and is further benefited by the fact that London’s gregarious nature ensures that a high proportion of onlookers will be in search of entertainment.