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The Specialist Health Centre Launches Digital Advertising Campaign

Out Of Home International is working with The Specialist Health Centre on their multi-format ‘Care2Care’ campaign to raise awareness of how they can help tackle the devastating effects of chronic diseases.

Digital screen ad verts will be displayed in doctor’s surgery waiting rooms for eight weeks throughout Chelmsford and Essex from March 31st. The campaign advertises how the Centre’s specialist programmes can assist sufferers of illnesses including cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

To reinforce the message, corresponding pharmacy bags will be distributed to prescription receivers across the areas. The bags further highlight how The Specialist Health Centre can help with particular issues through holistic programmes, with encouraging phrases such as “let us guide you to a healthier future.”

The contact number is clearly displayed to encourage people to learn more about the services offered.

The Specialist Health Centre, working alongside the Anglia Ruskin Postgraduate Medical Institute and Broomfield Hospital, focuses on making lifestyle changes around physical activity, good diet and emotional wellbeing.

Engaging digital screens are an ideal way to dynamically capture the attention of audiences, and the positioning of this campaign ensures that The Specialist Health Centre’s message will directly target key audiences.

CEO of Out Of Home International’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said:

“This campaign immediately evokes interest through use of engaging digital advertising – a highly effective advertising media. This multi-format campaign also places The Specialist Health Centre directly in the hands of audiences, which allows them to fully absorb and act on the company’s message.”