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Out of Home International Launches Billboard with Al Hira Banqueting Hall

Out of Home International has launched a new advertising campaign in the North West, working with Bolton’s famous Al Hira Banqueting Hall to promote its wide range of services and new website. As of Monday 13 April, a large 48 sheet outdoor billboard has been on display in Manchester, on the corner of Dickenson Road and Wilmslow Road – a prime location close to the city’s world-famous ‘Curry Mile.’

Al Hira Banqueting 48 Sheet

The advertisement will be on show for five weeks from launch, with an imposing presence of one of Manchester’s busiest streets. The colourful ad showcases the multi-use functions of the banqueting hall, highlighting its colourful and Asian-themed decor and food selection. The ad includes several social media call-to-actions, with Al Hira being active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as well as a link to its newly-designed website which is set to launch fully in the coming weeks.

Al Hira is Bolton’s premier banqueting hall, with a top-quality banqueting suite available, as well as event management services and large-scale catering facilities. It’s an ideal location for all occasions, and perfect for those looking to host an event in a unique and beautifully-designed setting. Al Hira Banqueting Hall is available for bookings now, and is located on Bolton’s Mossfield Road.

Managing Director of Out of Home International’s parent company Media Agency Group, John Kehoe, said: “Out of Home International is pleased to coordinate this 48 sheet billboard campaign with Al Hira in order to give the Bolton banqueting hall more of a presence on the streets of Manchester. Being situated close to the famous Curry Mile, the billboard is in a great location and will undoubtedly have an impact on residents and tourists in the city looking to host events in the North West region.