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Out Of Home International Implements Darlington Billboards For Bussey & Armstrong

Darlington-based company Bussey & Armstrong are once again engaging in their Award-Winning annual marketing campaign, facilitated by billboard advertising agency Out Of Home International. As sponsors of Darlington Civic Theatre, the property developers are offering £2000 off a new home upon the presentation of any used pantomime ticket – and, with Sleeping Beauty running from 8th December to 20th January, the advert presents a perfect opportunity for an extravagant festive treat. Bussey & Armstrong are also proud recipients of a Marketing Award from the Star Radio Business Awards for the third year of this promotion. 48-sheet billboards are situated in the North-Eastern town, allowing the campaign’s geographical and seasonal position to attract a local audience and demonstrate some Christmas goodwill.

Bussey & Armstrong 48 sheet Billboard

The high visual impact of a 48-sheet billboard graphic allows the advert to quickly saturate the public viewing field, offering a broad range of optical access and thus creating an effective platform. Making use of large-scale typography, the advert promptly communicates its purpose with the heading ‘Special Panto Offer’, directly underscored by the offer’s conditions and an inset Sleeping Beauty and Darlington Civic Theatre graphic. With a photographic spread of a Bussey & Armstrong property site – which includes the image of children enjoying a wooden play structure – alongside the panto ticket offer, the display instantly appeals to families. The advert contains the West Park Village logo, referring to the development which the offer applies to, and there is clear direction towards the company website and telephone number.

Bussey & Armstrong can trace its roots to the beginning of the 20th century, when Alfred Banting Armstrong and William Bussey established a partnership which would see the streets of Darlington transformed.  A fundamental principle of providing modern, convenient and affordable housing continues to be maintained under the current management, with a RIBA design award being achieved for their Woodland Estate. The company heavily endorses the involvement of art in its buildings, taking pride in architecture, blacksmithing and sculpture.

Out Of Home International specialises in all formats of outdoor advertising, thus ensuring a thoroughly organised and implemented campaign. With the expertise required to carefully plan to client briefs, Out Of Home International have the experience to work in conjunction with Bussey & Armstrong to create an effective publicity system. Outdoor promotion is a strong medium for targeting a wide audience; from pedestrians to drivers, the communal position of a billboard operates on a publicly noticeable level to ensure maximum coverage.