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Out Of Home International Implement London Underground Advertising Campaign For kidsunlimited

Childcare service kidsunlimited has appointed Out Of Home International to produce a western-central London advertising campaign for the Ladbroke Grove division of their day nursery network. Within a three-minute walking distance of the nursery, lift escalator panels situated at Holland Park Underground station are strategically placed to attract residents local to the kidsunlimited branch. The adverts are fitted in conjunction with a £100 discount offer, causing a prompt raise of awareness for the nursery through a combination of outdoor advertising and a limited promotional deal.

Kids Unlimited Lift Escalator Panel

Featuring a photo graphic of a smiling toddler above company branding, the advert will instantly captivate its relevant audience. A circular red text box imitates a sale sticker in order to communicate a £100 savings offer, footed by the useful inclusion of a telephone number, address, website and QR code. The simplicity and high clarity of the image will allow commuters to consume the information promptly, even at rush hour, giving kidsunlimited an effective outdoor advertising platform.

With almost 30 years’ experience, kidsunlimited have the knowledge and reputation to be able to offer infants a caring and imaginative learning environment. There is a heavy focus on ethics, morals and an individual approach to each child, promoting a sensitive and stimulating nursery where children are encouraged to flourish through staff commitment, praise for achievement, and nutritional balance. Fees include everything from milk formulas and nappies to nutritionally balanced meals, so there are no hidden extras as the children progress through the nursery. Originally conceived in a semi-detached Cheshire house, kidsunlimited currently has 63 nurseries around the country including Cambridge, London , Manchester and Oxford.

Out Of Home International specialise in a multitude of outdoor advertising formats, allowing kidsunlimited to benefit from specialist planning options. The tactical placing of lift elevator panels specifically targets the nursery’s catchment area, eliminating advertising wastage and raising awareness for an appropriate public segment. With unyielding access to nearly 600,000 commuters who traverse the Central line on a daily basis, this advertising platform is a highly effective choice for the London area.