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Out Of Home International Give London Phone Boxes A Spiritual Touch With LAMAS

London Academy Of Meditation Arts and Sciences (LAMAS) has appointed Out of Home International for the preparation of a roadside campaign in the form of phone box advertising. The promotion will publicise a presentation by the organisation’s co-founder, John Bradford, scheduled for the 18th April in central London.


Directed by the headline ‘Paradise is closer than you think’, the advert features a section of the renaissance painting ‘Primavera’ by Sandro Botticelli – a symbol of spring and an iconic piece of Western artwork. The chosen portion of the image focuses on three female figures draped in white cloth, accompanied by a male figure sporting red drapes; the scene appears to be tranquil as the group hold hands and stand before a backdrop of bountiful nature and fruit. Event details comprise the latter half, including a web address directing onlookers towards additional information.

Lamas - Phone Box Advertising

Recently developed by a group of meditation practitioners from North London, LAMAS aims to “facilitate the delivery of broad based non-sectarian meditation teaching”. Public courses and presentations are the main facilitators of this ethos, and are funded largely through donations. The trio ultimately endeavour to train new therapeutic meditation teachers in order to build a successive network.


The urban location of phone boxes on the high street offers a high-impact marketing solution, targeting pedestrians in dense city central areas. Out of Home International have thorough experience in the outdoor advertising industry, enabling LAMAS to fully benefit from a tactically planned campaign brief.