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Out Of Home International Executes Outdoor Advertising Campaign For Ockendon Studio School

Out Of Home International has been appointed to manage an outdoor advertising campaign for the Essex-based Ockendon Studio School. Running from mid-February, the out of home marketing strategy will be implemented in the surrounding towns of Upminster and Grays, adopting the formats of bus streetliners based at Grays Depot and 4-sheet and 6-sheet billboards positioned through Grays and Upminster train stations.


Designed by the school’s very own Marketing Manager Vikki Kavanagh, the advert comprises a photographic image of students angled across the background, bordered by coloured areas that adhere to the school’s blue and yellow colour scheme. The image is peppered with informative statements encouraging 14 to 19-year-old students to consider Ockendon Studio School as their school of choice, such as “At 14+ – Did you know that you can transfer to the Studio School in year 10 to study your GCSEs?”, and key words like “personal coach” and “touchscreen” to tempt prospective learners. Contact details are indicated by icons signifying each method of communication – such as Facebook or telephone – and the school’s logo is also positioned alongside.

6-Sheet Billboard - Ockenden Studio School

Catering for a broad range of educational interests, the ‘outstanding’ (Ofsted) Ockendon Studio School offers learning opportunities to students aged 14 to 19. The newly introduced Studio Schools model is an innovative concept designed to effectively prepare teenagers for a successful future, focusing on the provision of academic excellence, employability skills, a personalised curriculum, practical learning and work experience. Ockendon Studio School is in the process of constructing an additional new £1.7million school building on its current site scheduled to open in September 2013, which adheres to the Studio School ideal of using smaller sites to generate consistently proficient and well-rounded graduates. The operational infancy of the Studio Schools education structure presents a challenging marketing brief, requiring astute foresight in order to launch both a new school building and a new teaching method.


Out Of Home International are leading UK providers of outdoor marketing solutions, offering a range of services that cater for any advertising brief. Ockendon Studio School have embraced the advantage of Out Of Home International’s industry experience, maximising on their knowledge of effective format combinations in order to yield a campaign that elimiates advertising wastage. Targeting localities of Grays and Upminster, the campaign will gain relevant coverage for the school’s location, with the use of bus and rail advertising also having the ability to target a constantly shifting audience.