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Out Of Home International Executes Billboard Campaign For Furness Building Society

Marketing communications agency Ainsworth & Parkinson have selected the services of Out of Home International in order to implement an advertising campaign promoting the Preston branch of Furness Building Society. The billboard advertising campaign will feature 6-sheets within the city and will run for a total of 14 weeks.


The advert follows the style and colouring of the Furness brand, opting for a light blue background footed by a magenta strip displaying the company logo and a ‘Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards 2013 Winner’ stamp. A text headline states that ‘The Furness gives you great mortgage deals”, followed by Best Buy appearances within  press outlets The Guardian, Daily Record and Financial Times displayed in the form of newspaper pages folded into the shape of a house. A miniature map is situated alongside the branch address, telephone number and website, ensuring that potential customers can locate Furness Building Society with ease.

Furness Building Society - 6 Sheet Billboard

Based in Cumbria, Furness Building Society have a host of building society branches and agencies located throughout the North West, providing the region with a competitive range of financial products. The company places a high focus on customer service, and its absence of shareholders means that profits can be more directly filtered to its members through outlets such as better interest rates and pioneering products.


Out of Home International’s knowledge of the outdoor advertising sector enables them to work alongside Ainsworth & Parkinson towards the implementation of Furness’ marketing objectives. By positioning the billboard at the heart of Preston’s retail hub, the advert will effectively target the public whilst they are financially active as well as being in a leisurely mind-set – thus allowing them to digest the idea of a mortgage. The close proximity between the campaign and the building society also encourages onlookers to consider Furness at that precise moment.