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Out Of Home International Encourages London To Relax At Heavenly Spa

Out of Home International has been selected to direct an outdoor advertising campaign on the London Underground, publicising the therapeutic services of Heavenly Spa. Lift escalator panels will be present at Lancaster Gate station for a 12 month duration, encouraging the city of workhorses to engage in a relaxing experience.

Heavenly Spa LEP

The campaign features two advert varieties. The first displays the natural image of a coconut shell filled with aromatherapy salts, with a heading that reads: ‘With treatments so relaxing you’ll feel like you are on cloud nine’. This calming composition tempts bustling commuters to consider booking a break from the fast-paced city, with a summarising list of the spa’s facilities offering further attraction. The Heavenly Spa logo is featured in the top corner, and a map occupies the bottom corner to guide pedestrians to the facility.

Heavenly Spa Lift & Escalator Panel

The second advert takes a more forceful approach, simply adopting a vibrant purple background covered with the copy ‘Stop staring at me!’, followed by the words ‘get a massage’ and ‘once we’ve had our hands on you, you’ll feel you’re on cloud 9’. The spa telephone number, logo and e-mail address ensure that onlookers interested in holistic therapies still have sufficient information to indulge in relaxation.

Heavenly Spa provides bespoke health plans to promote an overall sense of wellbeing generated from the inside. Holistic treatments are offered within contemporary architectural surroundings, with the additional benefit of on-site swimming and spa facilities. Products span a broad range of mental and psychical tonics, such as nutrition, herbal remedies, interpersonal skills workshops, massage, manicures, waxing and the ultimate internal cleansing of colonic irrigation.

A five minute walk from Lancaster Gate station, the Heavenly Spa lift escalator panels will effectively reach the 6.5million annual tube users pedestrians. Situated on the central line before the iconic landmark of Marble Arch, the advertising spot will reach both local residents and central London commuters and tourists. As the first and last thing seen by transport users entering the station, lift escalator panels offer a high-impact marketing solution to elevate the Heavenly Spa brand profile.