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Out of Home International Direct Your Hunger Towards Burger King

Out of Home International have been assigned the task of guiding drivers towards the Swindon branch of global fast-food chain Burger King, settling on the format of 6 sheet billboards in order to capture the attention of passing vehicles.

Two roadside advertising sites within 300m of the store will feature intermittent promotional activity, launching on the 15th July for 2 weeks and recurring during August, September and November for varying durations.

Two creative executions will be used to direct traffic towards the restaurant, attracting attention with a vivid Burger King logo laid over a red background with a corrugated effect. Succinct graphic directions dependent upon the billboard location are featured below the brand name, accompanied by textual information to aid drivers in locating the branch.

Burger King - 6 Sheet

Founded in 1950s Florida, Burger King now supplies over 70 countries with an extensive selection of burgers, salads, side dishes and drinks, available to eat in or as a portable snack. From its signature Whopper to limited edition national promotions, the chain is dedicated to maintaining its reputation as one of the world’s leading food retailers.

The industry experience held by Out of Home International allows Burger King to effectively implement a localised marketing solution, with the 6 sheet format behaving as a public notice board for both road users and also pedestrians. The proximity of the billboard location to Swindon’s Burger King will provide coverage across a high frequency transport corridor, with the conspicuous and iconic logo initiating temptation.

Burger King Campaign  6 Sheet