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Out of Home International Continue to Promote Bentleys Motor Group

Following up from their January advertising campaign, Cheshire-based car dealer Bentleys Motor Group are maintaining their marketing partnership with Out of Home International in a fresh stretch of brand elevation.

Continuing to cover the outdoor spectrum, adverts will have a presence through Warrington in the formats of 6 and 48 sheet billboards, with additional coverage using bus rear advertising in Warrington and also in the neighbouring towns of Runcorn and Widnes. Commencing on the 13th May, Bentleys Motor Group will be promoted for a total of four weeks.

Bentleys Motor Group - 6 Sheet 48-sheet and bus rear artwork features both the Toyota AYGO and Yaris cars over a light blue background, with two 6-sheet versions giving either car solo promotion. The iconic Toyota logo implements brand confidence in the top right corner, with coloured text bubbles raising interest with offers of ‘0% APR representative finance’ and ‘1 year’s free insurance’. Bentleys Motor Group contact details are displayed in clear white lettering, covering address, telephone and website.

Bentleys Motor Group are a franchised Toyota and Citroen car dealership located in the town of Warrington, providing both personal and business customers with a range of new or used vehicles. Open 7 days a week, the company also runs a Bentleys Bodycare Centre, offering customers convenient automotive aftercare.

Bentleys Motor Group - 48 Sheet Bus Panel

As a leading outdoor media agency, Out of Home International are able to strategically execute a campaign for Bentleys Motor Group. The combined platforms of billboard and bus advertising allow the local area to be extensively saturated on a high-frequency level, directly entering the public domain through both road users and pedestrians. The chosen formats effectively expose the brand to the primary target of drivers, from the longer dwell time offered by bus rears through to the powerful hit of a 48-sheet.