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Out Of Home International Conducts Bodies Under Construction Outdoor Campaign

Out Of Home International have been appointed by Bodies Under Construction to run an outdoor advertising campaign within London, promoting their connected services at The Putney Clinic. Offering physiotherapy facilities in south-west London, The Putney Clinic will be promoted via Adshel advertising.

The Putney Clinic Adshel

Combining the photographic image of cyclists with the bold, white question “in pain?”, The Putney Clinic instantly communicates with its targeted athletic audience. The bottom-right corner of the graphic features a translucent bullet point list of the clinic’s services, with the entire image topped with a demure navy strip to carry The Putney Clinic branding and contact details.


Situated above the contemporary Putneymead Group NHS Medical Practice, The Putney Clinic is a private medical facility that works in partnership with Bodies Under Construction, maintained by a qualified team of physiotherapists and osteopaths. The clinic supplies a range of services, combining initial injury rehabilitation with long-term care support such as preventative exercise advice.  Further provisions include a women’s health department, nutritional therapy and several types of yoga and pilates.


Directed by Out Of Home International, The Putney Clinic is able to connect with a relevant audience through effective geographical placement of their campaign. In the cosmopolitan city of London, the average amount of time spent in transit totals almost 2 hours per weekday – an Adshel can therefore expose brands on a high frequency, remaining in an unavoidable outdoor position for the campaign’s duration.