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Out of Home International Brings Fairerpower to Cheshire East

Out of Home International is excited to be launching a new high-exposure outdoor advertising campaign with OVO Energy to promote Fairerpower, a competitively priced, customer focused energy service available to residents in the Cheshire East region. A range of advertisements will be on display throughout March and April across the area in various locations, including some high-footfall spots such as Macclesfield and Crewe railway stations. The outdoor ads are in a range of formats and quantities: two 4 sheets, 51 6 sheets, 14 48 sheets and 26 phone box adverts, running for two or four week periods.

Ovo Energy Fairerpower 6 Sheet

The colourful advertisements highlight several unique selling points of the Fairerpower service, with its bright illustrations and attractive colours sure to catch the eye of Cheshire East residents on the move around the borough. High-exposure out of home advertising campaigns such as these are a great way to target busy high-footfall and residential areas, with ads on show to both those on foot and in vehicles on the road.

Fairerpower’s arrival in the region is the result of a contractual partnership between Cheshire East Council and OVO Energy, in an effort to bring competitive energy to the borough by offering substantial savings against the national average tariff rates charged by the nation’s main energy suppliers.

Managing Director of Out of Home International’s parent company Media Agency Group, John Kehoe, said: “On behalf of Out of Home International I’m delighted to announce this new outdoor ad campaign in the Cheshire East borough to promote Fairerpower, the competitive energy supplier powered by OVO Energy and Cheshire East Council. The range of billboards, phone box ads and posters in some great locations will ensure that the campaign has a huge impact on the residents of the area.