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TD Bank Group Take Inuit Art Underground

Out of Home International are working with the Toronto-Dominion Bank Group for the promotion of the ‘Inuit Ullumi: Inuit Today’ exhibition at London’s Canada House gallery which is on display from June to September. A London Underground advertising campaign will be initiated on the 17th June across Leicester Square and Charing Cross stations, with 4 sheet billboards running for a total of 12 weeks.

The exhibition heading is displayed in bold, black text, immediately followed by a statement describing the content of the collection. A representative artwork from the exhibition features along the centre of the creative, accompanied by the gallery address, opening hours and display timescale. ‘Free admission’ is emboldened in order to encourage visitors, with the gallery logo and Twitter handle featured in the bottom corners.

TD Bank Group - 4 Sheet

Out of Home International operate a team of specialists who are fully equipped to achieve the marketing brief set by TD Bank Group, reinforced by extensive experience in advertising on the tube. By adopting the 4 sheet billboard format, TD Bank Group will enjoy high-frequency coverage of a major tourism corridor in London, raising awareness for Inuit Ullumi amongst an audience who are already engaged in exploring activities within the inner city. Situated at Trafalgar Square, Canada House Gallery is seconds from Charing Cross station and a 5 minute walk from Leicester Square, meaning that advertising in these key locations will target a highly relevant sector of transport users.