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Out of Home International and Cosmetic Hut Bring Beauty to South London

Cosmetic Hut Phone Box AdvertisingA new South London hair and cosmetics business is using an outdoor campaign from Out of Home International to launch its Camberwell store.

Bus, billboard and phone box advertising will be launched throughout Camberwell during the month of June, creating a reinforced campaign to generate impact and brand exposure for Cosmetic Hut across the area.

Phone box adverts will be featured from June 2nd for two weeks, with corresponding adverts featuring on bus rears from June 9th.

The campaign will be further exposed through the use of six sheet billboard advertising; a format that will feature at bus stops from June 30th for two weeks.

The adverts clearly advertise the shop’s location, with a list of products highlighting the vast range of goods on offer. Clear to read, the adverts provide audiences with information to encourage them to visit the store for all their hair and cosmetic needs.

Proximity advertising is an effective format to target location-specific audiences and inspire them to engage with a brand or business. Distributing the campaign throughout June not only creates longevity, but will ensure that the Cosmetic Hut gets noticed in South London.