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Out Of Home International And Clover George Organise Promotional Campaign for Nova Scotia

In conjunction with Clover George Associates, Out Of Home International are implementing London Underground advertisements for the Canadian Maritime province of Nova Scotia. Present during January and February 2013, 16-sheet cross track adverts will be implemented on the London Tube network to coincide with the post-Christmas foresight into holiday bookings.

Nova Scotia - 16 sheet cross track billboard

The campaign will feature a choice of two photographic backgrounds – the first depicts a couple stood on wooden decking and looking out onto a vast, tranquil mountain landscape; the second illustrates an idyllic boating area resting on the doorstep of a colourful and picturesque set of houses. With both images highlighting greenery and portraying a peaceful atmosphere, the campaign plays on the concept of vacationing for leisure and relaxation purposes. The statement ‘Nova Scotia. Take yourself there.’ encourages onlookers to treat themselves, with an additional boost brought by ‘non-stop flights only 6 hours’. Containing a website link and the Nova Scotia logo, the amalgamation of picturesque graphics containing vast Atlantic horizons and a slight glow behind the italic typeface allow for a compelling marketing device.

Nova Scotia 16-sheet Cross Track Advert

Nova Scotia presents itself as a versatile holiday destination, promising everything from historic sites and seacoasts to urban city hubs and indulgent cuisine. The appointment of Out Of Home International allows Nova Scotia to maximize on their advertising potential, with specialist teams dedicated to organizing the most effective marketing solutions. The temporal positioning of the Nova Scotia advert works alongside the idea of the travel industry’s New Year peak, as festivities end and there is a sudden desire to relieve gloom by booking a holiday – 31% of Tube users are considering their summer holidays in January, more than any other month. With Tube users statistically more likely to indulge in a vacation, advertising on the London Underground targets a relevant audience at a point where they are in search of distractions from the monotony of their commute. As the average dwell time on a London Tube station is three minutes, there is ample time for advertising to be consumed.