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Out of Home Campaign for Element London

Out of Home International is pleased to announce a new four week outdoor advertising campaign in central London, working with skateboard-inspired clothing and footwear brand Element to promote the recent opening of their London store. A range of 12 sheet and 4 sheet advertisements will be on display in some prime locations in the capital: Temple, Holborn and Leicester Square.

Element London Advertisement

The out of home ad campaign features stylish, predominantly black and white artwork with the red Element logo standing out to catch the eye of shoppers in the city. The creative’s stunning imagery pays tribute to Element’s origins as a skateboarding manufacturer, with useful information such as social media call to actions provided, as well as the address of Element’s new Covent Garden store. Two 12 sheet advertisements are currently on show at London’s famous Leicester Square with another at Temple, and as many as 14 smaller 4 sheet ads can be seen in Holborn. Out of Home campaigns such as this are a great way to communicate a brand, product or business to consumers on the move in busy areas. By strategically launching this campaign in three busy central London areas, Element’s arrival on the streets of London will be noticed by shoppers, commuters and tourists alike.

Founded in 1992, Element is an American skateboard company which sells boards, clothing, accessories and footwear. The Covent Garden store was officially opened in December 2014, and is the first Element shop to be located in the capital.

Managing Director of Out of Home International’s parent company Media Agency Group, John Kehoe, said: “Out of Home International is very pleased to have coordinated this new campaign with Element London, and we’re all very optimistic about the results. By targeting central London areas such as the busy Leicester Square, more and more people will be aware of the newly opened shop in Covent Garden.