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Northwood School takes the London Underground with Out of Home International

London’s Northwood School has selected the medium of outdoor advertising to raise awareness for an upcoming open day on September 24th, with a campaign directed by Out of Home International.

Three London Underground stations in proximity to the school, Northwood Hills and Pinners, will be used to display 4-sheet billboard adverts, launching on the 9th September and running for the two weeks leading up to the event.

Northwood School - Underground Advert

The advert adopts the Northwood navy and mustard branding, giving the school logo a prominent position along the top. A contact address, telephone number and website are printed beneath, followed by a bold ‘open evening’ heading, including event information. The lower half of the artwork is dedicated to communicating the strengths of Northwood, such as ‘outstanding academic achievement’ and ‘amongst the top 100 performing schools in England’.


Established in 1934, Northwood School is committed to educating its 500-strong student body of 11 to 19 year olds, and continues to outperform its own exam results each year. By advertising in tube stations closest to the school, Northwood will position itself at the forefront of the local community, with the 4 sheet format providing high-frequency coverage as passengers negotiate each station.


CEO of Out of Home International’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said:

This is a prevalent time for schools looking to target students for the next academic year. By advertising at transport hubs within their catchment area, Northwood will create and maintain a presence for themselves at a relevant time and location for their purpose.