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North and South Wines Advertise Christmas Offers With Out Of Home International

Wandsworth-based wine vendors North and South Wines are running a 2-week roadside advertising campaign with Out Of Home International, with 6-sheet posters located along St John’s Road in southwest London. Situated in this compact shopping locality less than 5 miles from the company, the advert will benefit from the high-frequency public impact of outdoor advertising – particularly during a period where shoppers are actively seeking special gifts and celebratory drinks.

North & South Wines 6 sheet billboard

With a muted grey, olive green and white colour palette, the advert is adorned with decorative festive snowflake shapes and features a directional map as part of the background. Clearly headed with ‘North & South Wines’ and containing practical details such as the telephone number and prices, the image also features collaborative publicity from Copy & Taste – organisers of a wine tasting master class . Promoting a selection of indulgent alcoholic beverages, the poster informs onlookers of seasonal offers, using photographic images to illustrate each product’s name.

Propagating a passion for wine, North and South Wines profit from their individual expertise in taste and distinction. Alleviating the confusion consumers experience when faced with an abundance of choice, the staff are intent on providing a thorough customer experience without breaking the bank.