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NHS Harrow encourage cancer screening in a targeted Outdoor Advertising campaign

Out Of Home International - NHS Harrow - 6-Sheet BillboardOut of Home International are to launch a multi format Outdoor Advertising campaign for NHS Harrow targeting women in the area and encouraging them to keep going for screenings under  the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes.

The Outdoor Advertising campaign will run for 8 weeks in the Borough of Harrow and the surrounding areas in northwest London and features washroom panels in ladies bathrooms, Escalator panels at Harrow-on-the-Hill Tube Station, 4 sheets and 6 sheets around the area, and bus stop advertising.

The tightly targeted campaign gives NHS Harrow high impact, blanket coverage in the London Borough, ensuring the women of the area have a high opportunity to see the important messages of the appeal and register how important cancer screening is.

The creative work for the campaign was designed by the National Cancer Screening Office and has tailored adverts targeted to each audience. The Breast Screening targets women aged 50+ explaining that the risk of breast cancer increases as you get older. The Cervical Screening advertising targets women aged 25+ highlighting that booking a screening should be at the top of their to-do list.

The advertising creative provides website details to visit for more information and a telephone number to contact to book an appointment.

NHS Harrow tries to promote the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes as much as possible depending on the funds available. Outdoor Advertising was chosen to spread the word with formats best to target the audience demographic, whilst maximising the budget available.

The aim is to get the campaign messages out there to the public, raise awareness of screening, and for individuals to be influenced to book an appointment, or talk about it with their family or friends who could benefit from the screening programmes.

Direct communications are a vital tool when trying to encourage behaviour change and Outdoor Advertising is a medium that can target people when simply engaged in their day to day activities. The message can be seen and shared by everyone in the public space and is important for creating a buzz, world of mouth and public opinion of the vital service.

“NHS Brent & Harrow are committed to providing up to date information on all national screening programmes and to keep this information in the public domain. We hope that by this [campaign] we are able to educate our populations on the benefits of screening, what they can and may expect from each screening programme and ultimately to assist them in making the choice to be screened, and continue being screened when the time is right for them.” Sarah Galbraith – Public Health Specialist (Screening), NHS Brent & Harrow