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Multi-Format Campaign For Scottish Recovery Consortium

Out Of Home International are planning to saturate Scotland over a two-week period by implementing a multi-format marketing strategy for the Scottish Recovery Consortium, with a national addiction recovery operation entitled ‘The Road To Recovery’.  Factoring in 4 sheet, 48-sheet and high definition billboards alongside bus supersides, the Scottish wellbeing scheme will be positioned through Glasgow Central, Glasgow Queen Street, Aberdeen and Dundee rail stations, with bus supersides traversing the three regions. The campaign precedes the country’s first ever ‘Recovery Walk’, which is planned from 4-8pm at Forth Road Bridge on Saturday 23rd March.

6 sheet billboard advertising

The adverts are backed by visually appealing photographs such as a cityscape, a countryside view and a sunset-flooded beach. Inspirational headline statements communicate messages like “my recovery gave me beauty everywhere” and “my recovery gave me my family back”, accompanied by guidance towards the programme from the statement that “recovery from addiction makes Scotland stronger”. Website and social media contact details direct the public towards seeking help with the recovery scheme, using the combination of emotive images and an illustrative font to infiltrate the psyche of those requiring support.

High Definition 48 Sheet Billboard

Funded by the Scottish government, the Scottish Recovery Consortium is a small, independent charity working to enrich the lives of those recovering from addiction problems through the enforcement of a national strategy: ‘The Road To Recovery’. Founded in 2010, the organisation is actively building its members and connections in order to strengthen the Scottish community by facilitating recovery.

With an estimated 52,000 drug users, which subsequently incur annual social costs of around £2.6billion, the Scottish Recovery Consortium is admirably tackling Scotland’s addiction. By appointing Out Of Home International, the charity is able to tactically organise and position a multi-format campaign plan, with out of home advertising presenting a strong communication medium for substance users who are likely to frequent the outdoor domain. The key rail stations of Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee offer a high-impact communication site, with supplementary bus adverts and billboards saturating the out of home environment.