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Media Agency Group & the QR Quandry

It’s not uncommon for QR codes to pop up in the most pointless of locations and on various types of inappropriate Media.

From featuring on banners partway up buildings to billboard appearances on a wall on the other side of train tracks, there are countless examples of these badly placed matrix barcodes.

Should of come to the media agency regarding qr codes


Media Agency Group offers in-house creative services, which means that issues like this won’t factor within your worry boundaries.

Specialising in all media formats from digital to outdoor, the design crew can relieve as much of your responsibility as you wish. Each advertising decision demands that the production team takes a relevant design approach by demonstrating appropriate knowledge of the artwork template– a petrol pump has a visibly differing interface to a 96-sheet billboard.

At Media Agency Group, the dedicated project creators can visualise the objectives that you dictate. Whether you’re seeking an entire branding solution including everything right down to the logo, or whether you have all the graphic assets and are just looking for an artistic eye to arrange them all, your bespoke needs will be fulfilled at MAG. We won’t let your bus superside be displayed through central London boasting a deplorable spelling error; we won’t let your company logo fade into the background thanks to haphazard colour schemes.


Media Agency Group has fully knowledgeable individuals who are experienced in a variety of creative fields, ensuring that we can professionally execute any wish you might propose. We understand the industry, from traditional and well-practised marketing formats right through to the constantly evolving digital auditorium. This means that you won’t just get an effective aesthetic result, your advert will also be crafted to suit both its format and the target audience – it would be futile to use a highly stylised graffiti font in an advertisement for a retirement home, just like it would be ineffective to use an overweight model to promote a diet product.